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01 November 2014
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29 May 2006
Our range of products will be published on the website soon.
28 May 2006
Launching of Everthrough Official website
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Everthrough Rubber Products Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1988 with the principle activity in manufacturing of premium quality tyres, inner tubes and flaps.

ERP is located at Kamunting Industrial Estate, Taiping Perak. Within a span of less than 17 years, it has established itself as the largest producer of tyres inner tubes and flaps in Malaysia while at the same time recognised as one of the major players in the manufacture of tyres for bicycles and motorcycles.

Our management is dedicated and committed to quality as well as quantity of products. As such ERP is embarking on expansionary plan towards increasing daily tube output to 85,000 pieces and improvement to the already excellent quality controls in place. Towards these objectives, ERP has constructed a new RM3, 800,000 factory building to house its newly acquired state-of- the-art production facilities. The management believes a stamp of quality through achievement of ISO 9001 standard would be the appropriate recognition of the current quality controls in place and has now achieved this ambition. We are the first inner tube manufacturer in Malaysia to achieve ISO 9001 certification.

ERP main objective is to produce “value for money” products, namely superior quality products at highly competitive prices for the benefit of all Malaysians and foreigners alike. While priority is given to meeting local demands, ERP currently exports approximately 30% of its products to various parts of the world including United Kingdom, Asian region, European Union markets, South and Central America as well as Africa. The company aims to improve both production and exports in line with the Malaysian government’s objective towards improving the nation’s economy.

ERP has spent huge capital investments in product development and state-of-the-art facilities. Our technical and management teams have been working closely with local and foreign experts towards improving efficiency, quality and processing methods.

ERP prides itself as the largest producer of tyre inner tubes and flaps employing both natural and synthetic rubber technologies. These products are marketed under our house brand name of KINGSTONE, DESTONE, ERP, FUJI, FIREBIRD and BLACKSTONE. Apart from the above brand names, we are also contract manufacturer for established trading houses and other market players in the tyre and tube industry. Our ranges of products in this sector are:

  • Bicycle inner tubes
  • Motorcycle inner tubes
  • Passenger car inner tubes
  • Light truck/Heavy trucks inner tubes
  • Tractor and Off The Road inner tubes
  • Tyre flaps for light trucks, heavy trucks and tractor

ERP is also recognised as one of the major players in the tyre manufacturing industry. Our tyre products are marketed under our house brand names of KINGSTONE, BRIGHTSTONE, CONSOSTAR and contract names such as NIKO, PERFORMAS, RACINGSTONE and MONERO. Product ranges under this sector are:

  • Bicycle tyres
  • Motorcycle tyres
  • Wheel barrow tyres
The production of motorcycle tyres are expected to double by year 2006. Our management has embarked on an expansion plan for this product range and has set a vision to be a big manufacturer of this product.

ERP is also planning and taking steps to include the manufacturing of light and heavy trucks tyres once the upgrading exercise of the factory manufacturing facilities are completed.
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